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1080P Mini USB Lighter Home Spy Camera(U11)
Model ST-U11 stock: 1000 pcs
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This product is Portable USB Nightlight camera. Open or close the light by button, connect the power, automatic camera, unplug the power, automatically stop and save the video file. HD1920 * 1080P imaging, automatic cycle camera, audio and video synchronization.
1: Camera:
After inserting the memory card, camera Connect the charger, The yellow light is on then flashing lights three times and off, representative to enter the camera state;the charge cable camera plug out the charger, the lights flashing three times, stop and save the video. Video and audio synchronization.
2: Turn on the light:
After inserting the memory card, short press the light key once to turn on the light; then short press once to turn off the light.
3: Loop Recording:
Loop recording automatically overwrites oldest files if the memory fills up.
Related parameters:
Video format         AVI
video coding         M-JPEG
Video resolution      1920*1080
Playing software      Operating system comes with or mainstream video player
Image proportion     4:3
Storage support      1G 2G 4G 8G 16G 32G TF Card

USB Lighter Spy Camera 1pc
User Manual 1pc

Warranty Information
12 Months
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